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Peak Rehabilitation is a locally owned and operated Physical Therapy clinic located in Floyd, VA, on East Main Street. Our philosophy is to work with your physician and other members of your health care team to optimize your musculoskeletal health.   Peak Rehab uses state-of-the-art equipment and hands-on techniques to deliver personalized, high-quality therapy services.  Call us, or view more of our website, to learn more about Peak Rehab’s services.  

Patient Testimonials


"Peak Rehabilitation gives personalized, quality care. A gem in rural southwest VA. "

"I had been to two therapy groups, and had not gotten any better. This is my third round of therapy, for three different problems, at Peak Rehab and I'm always a lot better afterwards for months or years later."

"We appreciate all the help and therapy we have received. The "ENTIRE" staff at Peak Rehab is wonderful and caring."

"I have been going to Peak Rehab for many years on and off, as I am getting older and have more problems. We are treated very professionally. Friendly service. I give them high recommendation."     

Harlan M.

"I highly recommend Peak Rehab for all your physical therapy needs. I suffered a traumatic shoulder injury and would not have made the progress that I have, if it were not for the patience and expertise of the physical therapists at Peak Rehab. Their caring attitude has made a difficult situation tolerable."    

Debbic C. that drives from Dublin

Thanks to everyone at Peak Rehabilitation for the kindness and care they provided to me this summer. You are the very best! It was nice to not have to leave Floyd County to get such professional care.

M. Boswell

I have been a patient of Peak Rehab for my back and legs and have received relief each and every time. I am 80 years old.
They are all very professional.

John H.

"We appreciate all the help and therapy we"The wonderful Physical Therapists at Peak Rehab in Floyd, VA, Lori Peak, Stephanie Hare, and Brandi Puckett all have helped a lot with my back and leg problems. I literally could not straighten my back at first. Now I can, and the soreness and pain are not as bad. I have severe scoliosis and degenerative disc problems and other issues in my spine. I am thankful my doctor referred me to them."

Jane S.

"We appreciate all the help and therapy we have received. The "ENTIRE" staff at Peak Rehab is wonderful and caring."

Robert R.

Brandi is a good lymphedema therapist and is very knowledgable about what she does.

A local Floyd resident

"I'm a 53 year old female with back problems and I love Peak Rehab. The service is impeccable. Individualized attention; it feels like home. The facility is always clean and I feel like I have new friends that care about me personally. "

Lisa N.

"The staff is awesome. They "get it done" in a professional, friendly and caring way. I've achieved amazing results."

Jason E.

Such a great team here! Very friendly, knowledgeable staff! Your particular needs are very personal to them. 4 visits, 8 to go and I already feel so much better!! I would highly recommend this place to everyone!!! Peak Rehab, you all rock!!!

V. Long

Caroline was amazing working with my four-year-old daughter. Everything was turned into a game and my daughter always looked forward to coming. Highly recommend Peak Rehab!

Mariam W.

My sincere thanks to Sam Wade and the entire staff at Peak Rehab for getting me back to being mobile after suffering from debilitating back pain. They've given me the care and tools I need to change my back pain to something I can improve without surgery!

P. Slaughter

Peak Rehab has mad a big difference in my life and health. I am truly grateful for staff and therapists that are so knowledgeable, kind, and friendly. All of them have my health at heart. To Lori Peak, we are very fortunate to have you in Floyd; you are one of the best at what you do, and I recommend you and your staff to anyone. Thanks to you all for the fine job you do.

F. Cockram

First and foremost I would like to thank each and every one of the therapists that have used their training on getting me back to where I am. I am thankful that we have physical therapy right here in Floyd. I wasn't sure if I would be able to use my arm after I fell and tore my rotator cuff, but through God and Peak Rehab I believe I will make it and I am so very thankful.

S. Radford


Our therapy team can develop customized programs to treat limitations resulting from illness, injury, developmental problems or simply the aging process.


Our therapy team can develop customized programs to treat limitations resulting from illness, injury, developmental problems or simply the aging process.


Our therapists have earned certifications in the management of Lymphedema.

LSVT Big treatments for PARKINSON’S DISEASE 

LSVT BIG is a treatment technique that has been found to be very effective in the management of people with Parkinson’s disease. 

Peak Rehab support Young Life

Community Support

At Peak Rehab, we value the communities we work in and to pay back we support organizations such as Young Life.  Keep your child active and fulfilled with a Young Life camp this summer.  Learn more at the Young Life Facebook page.  In addition,  Peak Rehab sponsors Project Floyd.


Programs Are Fueled By Volunteers Who Are The Heart Of Plenty! Volunteers help neighbors,
make a difference in our community, have fun
and feel great. And all financial contributions to
Plenty! are tax deductible.

Need directions? 

Peak Rehab Physical Therapy is located at 815 East Main Street in Floyd, VA.   Need directions? Click here, enter your address, click go and you will find driving directions to our office.  Our office hours are 8:30 – 5:00, Monday – Friday.  If you need further help, call us at (540) 745-5005.